The Program

The Graduate Program in Philosophy at the University of Caxias do Sul (PPGFIL-UCS) offers Master's and Doctorate courses. The training offered by the program covers the classic and contemporary issues of Practical Philosophy, an area of concentration that favors the study and philosophical research of practical problems, such as those related to the normative domains of ethics, politics, law, and social problems widely considered. In order to meet the demands required by this area of concentration, two are the research lines that make up the curricular structure of the PPGFIL-UCS: (i) Ethics and (ii) Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy. These lines not only have the educational and formative commitment that derives from the thematic scope of the program, but are intended for the interdisciplinary commitment required by the professional and socio-political demands of the present. Since the inauguration of the PPGFIL-UCS, its most distinctive rigorous mark in terms of research has been interdisciplinarity, which is why the program is intended to offer training to professionals and students specializing in different areas of knowledge.

The Ethics Line comprises three research areas: Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, and Metaethics. The study of these three philosophical dimensions of the ethical domain explores issues of both a speculative and practical nature. This reveals the formative commitment to the theoretical and social insertion of Practical Philosophy at the same time. The Political, Social, and Legal Philosophy Line, in turn, comprises three areas of investigation: Political Philosophy, Social Philosophy, and Legal Philosophy. The investigations of these three global areas of the domain of human actions seek to integrate methodological procedures that apprehend both the analytical specificity and the thematic connection of the fundamental concepts that structure the political, social, and legal experiences.

Since 2011, with the inauguration of the PPGFIL-UCS and its Master's course, the general goal of the philosophical education has been the presentation of theoretical tools, problematization of concepts, critical diagnoses of the present and dynamics of self-reflection about the place of Practical Philosophy in contemporary society for high-level researchers who are interested in facing the classic questions of the History of Philosophy and the contemporary problems that animate and contribute to the progress of Ethics. With the inauguration of the Doctorate course, in 2019, the PPGFIL-UCS consolidated its training tradition and expanded its areas of activity, integrating Political, Social, and Legal Philosophy.

The Master's Course welcomes candidates with higher education degrees in different areas of knowledge, as long as the research proposals are linked to the research lines. The Doctoral Course welcomes candidates with higher education degrees and master's degrees in different areas of knowledge, provided that the thesis proposals are linked to the research lines.


  • Enhance the quality of philosophical research, seeking to ensure the identity of the University of Caxias do Sul as a Community Institution that always seeks to be committed to the social and scientific impact of the knowledge produced in Practical Philosophy;
  • Strengthen stricto-sensu research and postgraduate interactions, with all academic dimensions internal to the University of Caxias do Sul, with other Postgraduate Programs in Philosophy at regional, state, and national levels and with society itself, thus enabling the critical reception of research results developed at PPG-FIL-UCS;
  • Promote interdisciplinarity in the constitutive processes of research in Practical Philosophy, both in internal interaction with other Graduate Programs at the University of Caxias do Sul and in external exchange with colleagues and institutions from other areas;
  • Expand actions that internally and externally demonstrate the theoretical and practical impact of philosophical research in stricto-sensu graduate programs;
  • Continuously develop the processes of internationalization of philosophical research and teaching and extension practices of stricto-sensu graduate programs.

Concentration area

Practical Philosophy

Research lines

Political, Social, and Legal Philosophy


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Graduate Program in Philosophy
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